A Day at CARE


Its been a busy day at CARE with some great results! Pound Dog Benji (little grey munchkin) has been re-homed to a lovely local lady - very lucky boy.

Little JAX - the Pound Pup that attended the Christmas Parade is being picked up by his new mum Joanne, who is driving all the way from Whangarei tomorrow morning to pick him up, Jax was de-sexed and vaccinated today and his foster mum Huia brought him to the CARE Centre wearing his little vet collar, so sorry Jax hope your bum is not too sore;).

Another adoption today saw Foxy X Kody head off to Rotorua, with mum and two little girls, he is sure to have a great life with this awesome family. (Photo of Kody N MIssy together)

Today CARE saved Pound Dog Rosie, you can see her little tan and white face below, she had not been claimed or adopted and is pregnant! We took Rosie to her foster mum Sheree, Rosie relished the feel of Sherrees lovely grass lawn under her paws, we were very impressed how relaxed and easy going this little girl is. Rosie is being checked over by the vets tomorrow - Thanks to amazing vet at The Vet Club (Vetora).

The outlook for Huntaway x Jack (who is at the Taupo Pound) is looking a little more promising. This monring a wonderful lady rushed down from Lake Rotoma today to view Jack, she has land for him to exercise and some chickens and a cat for friends. Jack did his best job to impress her nd she reeeeeeeally LIKES him. So before she can adopt him we are going to check out what Jack is like with Cats n chickens. Ja'ck will be spending the net few days on a rural block in Taupo for this, so fingers crossed he does not disgrace himself!!!. We will keep you all up to date with progress.

Tomorrow the second little foxy Missy is being adopted and will be heading off to Paeroa - Yes!!!

......and we saw so many lovely supporters come into our new CARE Op SHOP on Totoara St, buying up the bargains as well as dropping off donations. CARE is offering FREE Live Christmas trees and many people came today to choose one. Thanks to our wonderful Op SHOP volunteers today Cheryl and Helen.

Great work everyone. Phew!!!! Off for a cup of tea and a biscuit......