About Us

CARE Trust is a registered charity totally funded by community donations (reference number CC51616).

Our Mission

To foster compassion and respect for all living beings and the environment by educating the community (particularly youth).  CARE also aims to provide a total solution for animals in need, from rescue right through to “owner training”.  Former SPCA manager Helen Rabinska founded CARE after coming to the conclusion that prevention was better than cure when it came to animal abuse, and that there were far too many animals being euthanised when they really just needed more time to find a good home.

CARE Humane Education Program

Our Humane Living Program has over 30 integrated character and humane education instructional programs for youth aged 5 years and over, designed to provide a combined focus on animal protection, environmental preservation and sustainability.

Programs are interactive and some are project based, children have the opportunity to interact with a range of animals at local facilities. We can also explore how technical tools and social media can create a more humane community.

The selection of programs enable us to significantly impact the way young people think about their responsibility to one another, animals and the natural world.

By linking our age-appropriate instructional program to a learning program, we give students the tools to make positive changes for themselves.

Why We Teach Humane Education

There is a growing movement among educators that  humane education is  a way to teach students respect, responsibility, and empathy, and to help them develop critical thinking and decision-making skills based on compassion, tolerance and integrity. CARE believes that a student’s educational experience should not be limited to traditional teachings, but must also include enrichment instruction to motivate active learning and critical thinking. Children deserve to be provided with comprehensive instruction that will make them not only better students, but also better members of society. Character and humane education programs can contribute to improving student attitudes, behaviour, attendance and academic achievement.


CARE Animal Rescue Strategy

There will always be a need for traditional animal rescue. CARE will provide a haven or those animals in need by caring for, re-habilitating and rehoming them.

There will be a greater focus on Pound dogs and puppies are this is where the greatest loss of healthy, adoptable animals exists.

CARE is dedicated to finding the best ‘match’ between prospective owner and pet so that each adoption is successful for both animal and family.

Animals will be placed with foster care families until appropriate homes are found.  All animals will be vet check, de-sexed, microchipped, vaccinated de-flead and wormed.  Dog will be registered. Older dogs  and puppies will receive basic training before being re-homed.